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“It Gives Life” is a lyrically, melodically and rhythmically potent album. While firmly influenced by classic rock, The Breath Collective’s debut album is an inventive piece, blending vintage sound with contemporary influences. One can find anything from a cappella harmonizing, wild guitar soloing, inner and outer space jams to catchy choruses and memorable guitar riffs within these thoughtfully structured songs. The instrumentation ranges from the expected guitars, bass, and drums to didgeridoo, violin, organ and flute. Embracing psychedelia, “It Gives Life” examines the potential for a migration towards a deeper consciousness.

Listen to the single – “Gatekeeper”

After a long winter, The Breath Collective’s NEW single “Gatekeeper” is here! It took persistence and dedication for this to unfold, but the time has come. Thank you for your support and love. Be sure to check out the “It Gives Life” full length album!